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DYNE is now the proud winner of the 2021 Valhalla Angels Investment Summit BC.

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RBC Get Seeded Insights

The Dyne Team had the immense opportunity of pitching our ideas and goals as one of the participating teams in the RBC get seeded competition in 2019, winning amongst all the incredibly talented teams. This year we were invited to sponsor this competition taking place once again this year, which was the result of a partnership between AMS eHub and RBC, in order to support and provide exposure for student innovations. Both Undergraduate and Graduate scholars had the chance to prepare and present their pitches with a possible prize of $500 that would assist in the funding of their ideas. 8 of the total of 15 participating ventures were chosen by members of our UBC community to receive more funding through this spectacular program. Dyne inc. Technologies played a huge role in presenting this UBC held event, as well as engaging and encouraging more students to present their ideas that could make real differences in today’s complicated world. It allowed audience members to freely engage in conversations and get to know founder and resource representatives from UBC clubs and programs, including the Small Business Accelerator, [email protected], Innovation Onboard, AMS eHub etc.Not only was this a very significant event for students, but it was also a very engaging and fun creation that invited audience members to sit down and try the delicious food and refreshing drinks offered by the Gallery Patio & Lounge at UBC made easier with drink tickets and discount deals that the Dyne Team offered to the attendees through our very own app. Dyne had a wonderful time being involved for a second time in such an inspiring event amongst a great audience, as well as amongst founders and representatives of other innovative ideas that are currently in the works.

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