Restaurant Analytics Dashboard


For restaurants, we offer a variety of services from management and analytics software solutions to promotion and marketing services.

Growth Rate

The Fastest Growing Restaurant Management Software


The dashboard shows analytics, meetups through the Dyne app, revenues, and customer maps.

Menu Management

Tired of going through middle men to modify your online menus? You can do that directly through our web app.

In-app Promotions

Not sure how to attract new customers? We can send target promotions to app users based on their likes.


We can use AI to predict your revenue trends and forecasts! Take the doubt out of running a restaurant.

Customer Analysis

We use AI to keep track of customer reviews, respond to criticism, and even generate sentiment automatically.

Promo Videos

Don’t have a marketing team? We can create videos and image stills for you in line with your branding guide.

Dyne Night Events

Need a boost? We can coordinate with you to create special events, generating up to $3k in revenues in a night.

Social Media

Our team of professionals can increase your engagement and online presence.

A Variety of Services

Whether you already have systems in place or you’re a new restaurant, we have solutions for you.

This is only a small number of the things that we can do for you. If you don’t see what you want on this page, feel free to view the rest of our services or contact a representative.

Restaurant Dashboard

What Does It Do?

On the surface, our web app does all the things mentioned above and more. In as few words as necessary, the web app allows you to run your restaurant more efficiently, profitably, and quickly. Below are the best things we can do for you.


Best for Small Businesses
  • Standard Marketing Materials
  • (1 Reel (15s) + 1 Post/month + 2 Engaging Stories)
  • Full App Dashboard
  • Meetup Logs and App Priority
  • Coupon Marketplace (Basic)
  • Menu Management



Best for restaurants that care about competition and want to accelerate reviews.
  • Standard Marketing Materials (1 Reel (30s) + 2 Posts per Month + 4 Engaging Stories)

  • Full App Dashboard
  • Meetup Logs and Details on App

  • Menu Management + Customer Review Management

  • Coupon Marketplace (Advanced)
  • Social Media Management

  • Instagram Influencer Connection and Post
  • 1 Restaurant Awareness Boost
  • Monthly Blog Posts + Newsletters


Best for restaurants who want maximum control and ML recommendations.
  • Standard Marketing Materials (1 Reel (60s) + 3 Posts per Month + 6 Engaging Stories)
  • Access to Full App Dashboard
  • Meetup Logs and Details on the App
  • Social Media Management
  • Instagram Influencer Connection and Post
  • Coupon Marketplace (Advance)
  • Menu Management + Customer Review Management
  • Professional Marketing and Branding Consulting
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis
  • Monthly Blog Posts + Newsletters + Big Media Outreach and Publication
  • 2 Restaurant Awareness Boost
  • What if? Analysis


Pay Per Service

Best for restaurants who’re confused and want to try out our services separately
  • Personalized Event


    Analytics, meetups, revenue, and customers all at your fingertips.

    The dashboard groups all the information that you need right now in one place, so you don’t have to go out looking for it. If you’re wondering where your customers are, the information is there. If you’re wondering how many coupons you have active, it’s there. If you’re wondering how many meetups you have scheduled, it’s there. The dashboard makes it easy for you to plan your next move.

    In-app Promotion

    Need a boost? We’ve got you covered.

    In the mobile app, we have a section for restaurants that users may be interested in based on their browsing and dine out history. By going through our web dashboard, you can get to the top of their list so that your slow hours are no longer slow. Increase your footfall within 15 minutes.

    Coupon Marketplace

    Need a platform for your coupons? No problem.

    Let’s face it, promotions can easily get lost in a sea of advertisements on other platforms. Instead of floundering about, use the Dyne web app to send your coupons directly to our users on the mobile app. The web app allows you to create coupons and monitor their performance, all in one place. Reach your customers today.

    Smart AI Predictions

    Feeling overwhelmed? Let Dyne take over.

    Losing track of one negative review can be devastating. There are so many platforms to review restaurants from Google to Yelp that it can be easy to miss one. But don’t worry, our web app uses AI to keep track of all reviews for your restaurant so you can respond and give your customers the attention they deserve. Not only that, but the AI can analyze reviews to determine customer sentiments and key words. And as if that weren’t enough, the AI can also forecast your revenues and what-if (or hypothetical) situations.

    Need marketing help?

    Don’t worry, our team can also give you marketing help from video promo to consulting to social media management as aforementioned. These services are available as a standalone service and are included in several of our web app packages such as entree, dessert, and a la cart.

    We have never operated at such capacity, however, it was totally worth it.

    We enjoyed working with the Dyne team, and we would be happy to host numerous such events again.

    AMS Gallery Patio and Bar Staff