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Our Web App has a Variety of Services


Basic analytics with Live Coupons, Revenue, Total meetups & Customers

Promotional Pages

Receive recommendations on user’s explore page based on their activity and individual tastes. Discover new ecents nearby and gain access to customer feedback and user engagement in real time.

Revenue Forecasting

Get access to restaurant revenue trend and revenue forecast in a single year. This analysis can help with CAC as well user satisfaction.

Meetup Logs and Details

All meetups scheduled with basic analytics including the meetup ID, date, customer name, number of people, total spent, status of meetup and the coupon applied.

Coupon Marketplace

Get insight into your coupon usage. This will help understand which of your coupons are doing well. Furthermore, there will also be a comparison with other restaurant’s coupons within a particular vicinity and cuisine.

Review Management

Get access to reviews along with detailed reviewer information. This addition
can build a strong connection between the users as well as the restaurants and can
highlight the services as well.

Menu Management

Manage menus displayed on the app, order with more ease and accessibility, track your order and browse additional features.

What-if? Analysis

The add-on to revenue forecasting, we show you different revenue curves based on suggested marketing/coupon strategies!

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Using AI to see customer’s feelings about restaurant, and catalog all their praise, queries, and complaints automatically.

Marketing Features

Our Marketing Automations Cover All Of Your Needs

Promo Videos and Image Stills

Social Events

Priority App Promos

Instagram and Facebook Management

Instagram Influencer Review

Marketing & Brand Consulting

Customized Brand Guidelines

Google My Business & Yelp Management

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