1. Basic analytics with Live Coupons, Revenue, Total meetups & Customers.
  2. Meetups summary: Scheduled, Confirmed, and Cancelled.
  3. Total Revenue: Income from Dyne and Dyne Meetups.
  4. Dyne Customer Map: Number of Dyne customers every day, week and month.

Meetup Logs and Details

Get access to a list of all meetups scheduled with basic analytics including the meetup ID, date, customer name, number of people, total spent, and status of meetup (Scheduled, Accepted, Confirmed, or Cancelled) with a timeline and the coupon applied as well.

Menu Management

Access to the restaurat dashboard enables you to manage menus displayed on the app.

Promotional Pages *

Get recommended on user’s explore page based on their

activity and individual tastes.

Coupon Marketplace

Get insight into restaurant coupon analytics and usage.

Coupon Marketplace

The advanced coupon marketplace allows custom coupon creation along with indepth analysis of coupon usage.

Revenue Forecasting

Get access to restaurant revenue trend and revenue forecast in a single year.

Review Management

Get access to reviews along with detailed reviewer information.

What-if? Analysis

The add-on to revenue forecasting, we show you different revenue curves based on suggested marketing/coupon strategies!

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Using AI to see customer’s feelings about restaurant, and catalog all their praise, queries, and complaints automatically.

The best analytics restaurant solution,
for the best price.

*Prices are monthly and a minimum of 3 months is needed for purchase