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You can easily schedule meetups at your favourite restaurants via the Dyne app from anywhere. The coupons within the app make dining affordable and easy. With over 400 restaurants in our database, you’re only a 5 clicks away from connecting with your friends over food!

We know connecting is hard, and connecting while finding great, affordable food is basically impossible. It’s even worse when you see everyone on social media posting all the fun stuff they’re doing. We hate FOMO and were also stuck at home all throughout the pandemic. Dyne is an app made for students by students that aims to remove this pain. Now you can meet like-minded individuals in just 5 clicks while saving on food through exclusive deals, coupons, and gift cards

Dyne helps you connect and reconnect through AI recommendations, gamified map-based features, and amazing rewards. Join our community to meetup with friends, use our new Scavenger Hunt feature to get rewarded to go on foodie quests around your city, and find the best deals in town – all while levelling up to earn more Dyne Bucks to redeem on gift cards and events! In short, all our foodies eat, save, and earn! 

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Connection in 5 Clicks!

Dyne lets you find the best people and food in your city!

We make connecting easy and fun through events, quests, and meetups!

Restaurant Discovery

Browse trending restaurants in your area and nearby users using our unique map feature and associated filters.

Easy Meetups

Reconnect with an old friend or meet a new connection by creating a meet-up in only 5 clicks.

Map Feature

Using our machine learning algorithm, we will give you personalized recommendations on where to star

Attend Events 

Show up on DYNE events to win exclusive deals and prizes.

Chat Feature

Get to know your friends through our chat feature and make amazing connections.

How The Dyne App Works

Create a meetup

Open the Dyne app and choose from over 400 restaurants in our database to dine at. Once you’ve chosen your restaurant, create a meetup and invite your friends.

Receive a coupon

After you’ve decided the restaurant, look at the coupon marketplace for coupons redeemable at the restaurant of your choice. We have a huge variety of coupons with more being added every day!


After finalizing the meetup and picking out your coupons, meet your friends at the restaurant. Show your server the Dyne meetup screen, and she will apply the coupons to your bill.

“After Covid, I was feeling really low. Dyne made it easy to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones through all their Dyne Nights!  ” – Kate, UBC kinesiology student

“This is the best non-dating dating app! It was super comfortable and catered to my interests and habits! My bf and I are now I’m on my 10th meetup cause these coupons are too good to pass up!” – Maddie, U of T Arts student

“Dining out was always a struggle because of my student loans, but Dyne let me redeem crazy deals and do quests to redeem gift cards. I haven’t paid for my Starbucks in months!” – Peter, UBC BComm grad

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